Friday, April 22, 2011

Server Virtualization - Cost Effective and Efficient

Server virtualization technology allows multiple servers to run on the same piece of hardware, even if those servers are running different applications and built on different operating systems. The virtualization process allows companies to more easily share resources, and to make more efficient use of the hardware they have available. Virtualization technology also allows companies to reduce the number of servers they need to purchase and maintain, providing significant cost savings over the life of the hardware.

But the benefits of server virtualization technology go beyond mere cost savings. More and more small companies are looking at virtualization as a way to even the playing field between themselves and their much larger rivals. The Internet allows even the smallest company to look big, and server virtualization technology is one way for those smaller firms to compete.

Consolidating Servers
One of the most significant benefits of server virtualization technology is the ability to consolidate servers and save on hardware costs. Having a dedicated piece of hardware for every server can be very wasteful and cost inefficient, since each server only uses a tiny percentage of the available hardware capacity. By virtualizing the servers and running many different servers on a single piece of hardware, companies can consolidate their computer resources and greatly reduce their costs.

Just consider that running five servers on each piece of hardware means you can go from 50 dedicated servers to just 10. Over time those cost savings can really add up. And the cost savings do not end with the hardware purchases themselves. Each one of those servers needs to be maintained, either by in house staff or outside vendors. Reducing the number of servers reduces those costs as well, allowing the cost savings to multiply with each new virtual server installation.

Reduced Space Needs
Fewer servers means a smaller footprint, and less need for expensive server space and dedicated server rooms. Depending on the size of your operation, you might be able to cut your server room in half, providing more room for the rest of your operations.

A smaller server room also means less energy usage, and lower costs to cool the facility. A dedicated air conditioning unit is a must for any server room, but reducing the size of the room and the number of servers means you can get by with a smaller, and less costly, air conditioning unit.

Reducing your energy consumption also helps you be a greener and more environmentally responsible company. That is an important consideration in today's world, both from a public relations and a cost standpoint.

Greater Flexibility
Modern companies need to be able to move fast and scale up quickly, and virtual server technology is the perfect tool to provide that scalability and agility. Once the basic virtual server infrastructure is in place, adding a new server is as easy as creating a new partition. Once that virtual machine is up and running, it can instantly take advantage of all the resources available on the underlying piece of hardware.

As you can see, virtual server technology has a number of important benefits for companies of all sizes. It is no wonder so many companies are looking to virtualization as a way to save money, simplify maintenance needs and ensure that their software applications are available whenever and wherever they are needed.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Webhosting - Know What You're Looking For

Now a day's no matter what business you are in, you needs to have your own website to promote your business. Therefore, if you are a fitness trainer, Personal Yoga trainer, boot camp instructor or online trainer you need to have your own website. If you are already through with all this processes then you need to search for the Fitness professional web-hosting company, which will provide with all the services, and support you need. Often subscribing and registering with managed web hosting has proved to give a boost for overall performance to online presence of your business.

When you want to search for the web hosting companies for your fitness profession whether you are trainer, wholesaler in fitness equipments or you are a writer where you want to manage your own blogs and books then there are lot more webhosting solutions. Nevertheless, picking a right one is up to you as every hosting company will provide you with all the necessary features.

There are web hosting companies which will categorize you according to the business you are in like Small, Medium and large. There are even some Fitness professional web-hosting companies, which will not categorize your business but will provide you all the necessary utilities and features, which can be accessed by small companies as well by the large companies in equality. There are companies that will even take a leap forward to help you boost your business and site visibility up to 300 times. Some service providers have gone a little far to provide special services in Fitness professional Niche by designing plans for ecommerce websites of fitness equipment wholesale sellers, professionals in Fitness and personal training. A special services pack is available for authors who have their fitness books, blogs and eBooks, Sellers and Manufacturers of body building equipments and nutrients.

Today the most popular plan and features to attract fitness professionals start from $5.9 per month, providing 10 GB Premium Storage that will be eventually increased. Bandwidth of 100 GB and one free domain for lifetime along with Soft R1 back up, Unlimited My SQL database and POP 3 email accounts. Single click installer ready with support from new technologies of the current year like Cloudlinux and LiteSpeed will be the added advantages in some most reputed and chosen hosting companies.

For any venture in ecommerce business site related to fitness industry you can chose special e-commerce package usually starting at $ 169 for year. Some additional advantages you will be getting in this pack are Optimization monitoring along with free on page SEO, Free WordPress optimization and Addons with 15 GB premium expandable storage space and 150 GB bandwidth.

Authors can evaluate the plans available for them to their website having books on fitness and eBooks related to the same industry can avail services starting from $ 89 per year. Some of the additional features which are introduced are Semi dedicated server Unlimited domains and Ecommerce ready along with Optimization monitoring. The most interesting feature of this plan is the provision of customizable personal blog set up.

After all, as you are the owner of your website you ought to check out all the possibilities and options you have before finalizing any particular company. Just for the sake of advice, you can check out some of the newly introduced companies having some amazing plans as mentioned above and are equipped with very new technologies, scripts, functions and utilities.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hosting - Easy To Find, Hard To Choose

There are many areas that one can choose from when considering a web hosting company online. This is made possible by the fact that the internet will is one of the most resourceful areas when it come to looking for web hosting companies. In as much as you have an unlimited number of choices, caution should be taken in order that you avoid a situation of landing on a poor result-provider. This is the reason as to why you should strive to get a reliable place for hosting online. There are very many companies that provide (others claim to provide) hosting services and are all available online. One is therefore confronted with a situation where you are not very sure on which one to choose. One of the best ways out of such a predicament is to look for information and comparing the most probable webhosting companies to finally make a choice on one.

A reliable place for hosting online need not be expensive. There are those ones that are relatively cheap and yet very reliable. In this way therefore, being expensive does not mean being reliable. However, you should be prepared to pay for that reliability as the opposite of this is also true. Most of the cheap web-hosting services are not very reliable and that there is a general tendency of the traditional school of thought that cheap is always expensive. It is also of importance to make sure that the hosting company that you have chosen will cater for your website needs. A company that will not be able to let your site serve its intended services and motives is not reliable and therefore not suitable for your website and your business or personal intentions. You should therefore terminate and look for a reliable one.

Fortunately, there are those sites on the internet that concern themselves with monitoring the behavior of web hosting companies. Most of these evaluators also provide a rating for the most common web hosting companies. There are also rank categories and information that is very useful in guiding someone to the ideal web hosting company.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adsense Takes work!

There are a lot of people that say that AdSense pays pennies. This is fine - let them say this as that means there is more income for those who are prepared to make it work for them. And it does take a bit of work.

It will take a lot of work if you don't know what you are doing. But if you research well and get the right information you will be able to make some cash relatively quickly and once you have set it up be able to get some passive income for months if not years.

Did you know you can set this up totally free? There are plenty of places you can create a website for free including even Google itself. Go and check out their page creator. If you have a Google account - which is free, you can set up a website using their page creator program.

This is just one example of how you can start making money online totally free. There are numerous websites around where they allow you to create your own web pages. If you are really serious about making some good money from AdSense then you should consider buying your own domain and learning html to set up your own website. This really is quite easy and there is a lot of information online to help you.

The advantages of this is that you get more control over what you create and you should be able to tailor your website more accurately. However, this is definitely not essential. Once you decide you want to make money online, you need to choose a niche. If you are going to target AdSense as your money making scheme, then the niche you choose is critical to your success.

Some niches just don't pay well. You would need significant traffic to make any good money from a niche that doesn't pay well and traffic takes a lot of work. So ensure you do your research and choose carefully.

For example, a tattoo niche is a low payer, where a credit card niche is a high payer. Just remember though you need to be able to produce content about your niche so you should also choose a niche that you have an interest in. You will need to write plenty of content about your niche.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A few hints for Adsense

It is really frustrating, is it not, to log into your Google Adsense earnings and find that you've had yet another disappointing day. Another day of making nothing or just a fraction of a penny.

More so when you continue to read about those guys making five figure monthly incomes from Google Adsense every day. Google Adsense terms and conditions require that earnings are kept secret. Still some of these guys claim that they obtained special permission to spill the beans. One of them recently revealed that they had made $45,000 in just one month. Perusing through the statement, there were single days where they made as much as 800 bucks. Can you imagine that?

Sorry, it is not my intention to make you feel worse than you already are so I will stop there and get on with my findings.

High Adsense Earners Do Exist

But first I had to establish whether these high earners existed at all. After all anybody can get online and tell all sorts of lies about anything. My investigations started off trying to separate the hype from the facts which is an almost-impossible task these days. I have read several articles by sceptics which clearly state that most of these so-called high earners do not exist.

Well the truth is that despite the high number of hype peddlers out there, these guys are for real.

Without disclosing too much about some of my sources whom I intend to use in the future and can therefore not disclose, there are several pieces of evidence that point not only to their existence, but to their growing numbers.

The first is the amazing pace at which Google earnings from this business is growing. Check any top affiliate program and compare their figures to Google Adsense and you will begin to see what I mean. Google is a public company and their figures from earnings are widely available.

Adsense Keywords Do Matter

High traffic is important and effective online traffic tools are well known. They include for example PPC ads, including the very same Adsense ads. Articles are increasingly important because when it comes to traffic, the numbers are not enough, the quality of the traffic is also very important.

But the absolutely critical factor in achieving high Adsense earnings is not traffic. It is actually the keywords used. With the difference in earnings from a click ranging from a fraction of a penny to $100, you can begin to appreciate what we are saying here.

This is the reason why almost everybody else is selling those lists online these days.

My investigations unearthed evidence that those top earners are constantly researching new keywords. They spend a lot of time doing that (more time than they spend doing anything else) and to pay for some of their wasted efforts (every genuine research effort will have plenty of that) some of them are peddling the lists that they have graduated from or do not need anymore. Before you get upset please remember that this is standard business practice. A smart entrepreneur always minimizes on wastage of any kind.

Generally there are some keyword topics that pay more than others. To give you just two examples, health and electronics generally score much higher across the board than other areas of interest in terms of high earning keywords. The top earners are using this information

Hire an Adsense Expert!

This is the most amazing aspect my research unearthed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Websites Cut Costs and Bring in Cash!

Only you can answer that question about your own business. But in my opinion if you want to grow and prosper in today's competitive marketplace a well designed and marketed web presence is essential to your success.

Whether you are selling a product or service, whether you are large or small, whether you are well established or a new start-up, a website can be a very powerful tool on the road to achieving your business goals.

Here are some of the things a website can do for your business.

1. Reduce overall Advertising Costs.

Spending money in the traditional media such as Newspaper, Radio, Magazines, Billboards or Television can require an investment of hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. The problem with these traditional methods are increasing segmentation, decreasing audience and in almost every case a finite lifespan in which to attract your customers. When you amortize the cost of a well designed and marketed website over the life of that site it is without doubt the most cost effective means of advertising and marketing your company to your potential clients.

2. Increase your revenue with an E commerce Solution.

How would you like a salesperson working for your organization that never rests, never takes vacation, never asks for a raise and is working for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Integrating a shopping cart solution into a new or existing website is an efficient and cost effective way of increasing the revenue from the products or services your company offers.

3. Increase your company's exposure to a larger audience.

Today, more than ever, customers are learning about products and services by looking online long before they ever contact a business to actually make the purchase. By having a well designed and implemented web presence that can be found by the search engines you are opening up your company to many more opportunities for business. Many times the way in which information is presented online determines which company the customer will buy from.

4. Level the playing field.

On the web every business is the same size. A professionally designed website will help you to leverage the web and level the playing field by presenting your company as a bigger or better alternative to any of your competitors.

5. Convenience for your customers improves service.

Most potential customer's do their preliminary homework on the internet and they want to shop and browse for information at their convenience, not yours. Having a well designed website filled with relevant information with a way to purchase online shows your customer's that you respect their time and convenience and want their business. A website also allows your customer's to contact you whenever they want and replying promptly to all inquiries will help raise your level of customer service.

This is not meant to be a complete list, but simply a short list of the more important reasons to have a website.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Need a host? Read this first!

What Does a Web Host Do?

If you want to know how to host a website and are wondering which is the best website hosting company to use, it will help if you understand exactly what a web hosting company does. They provide a service where they will store your website on their computer and make it accessible to anyone who wishes to view it when they type in the domain name that you have registered for your site (Ideally, your site should be "live" 24/7 for 365 days per year!) When you pay for web hosting, you are literally renting space on their computer.

The web host's computer is referred to as a "server" or "web server". This is because its function is to serve web pages to the internet using web server software. Because they are storing thousands of websites, the hosting company has to have excellent security software on their servers to protect their client's sites from hackers and viruses.

What Do They Offer?

There are numerous web hosting providers online that offer a variety of hosting plans at prices to suit most budgets. It can seem very daunting when trying to find the best website hosting to suit your requirements if you are a newcomer, and you simply want to create your own website and get it online. When choosing a web hosting provider you have to consider what type of website that you want to display online. It may be just a blog for communicating with like-minded people about a particular interest or hobby that you have, or you may be starting your own internet business and will have many websites online in the future, you may be starting a membership site or a forum, or you may be starting an E-commerce site. Whatever your needs are, you have to make sure that you get the best web hosting plan to suit your requirements.

Free Hosting

When considering the best method for how to host a website, free hosting is available, but it does come at a price! The price that you pay (as with everything that is "free") is that it has to be paid for somehow, and that is by advertising. This means that banner ads for products that you are not selling will be placed on every page of your website. The domain that you will have will normally be a sub-domain of the web host's site ( or a directory ( Most free hosting providers do not supply the normal extras that you get with paid hosting such as multiple email addresses, MySQL, PHP, ASP, large bandwidth etc. The performance and reliability of the site will not be as good as a paid hosting supplier, and you can only expect limited customer support. So, if you want some sound advice on how to host a website, then I would recommend that you do not use free web hosting providers in all but a few cases.

Shared Hosting

This is the most common hosting plan and is the best website hosting option for the average user. This is where multiple sites are hosted on the same server. There are huge benefits with shared hosting compared with free hosting because you are allowed to use your own domain name, you get multiple email accounts, My SQL, PHP, ASP, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, SSL certificate etc. There are different plans that are available for shared hosting, where you can get hosting for one domain only, or for a slightly higher fee you can have unlimited domains. For most personal websites and small business websites, a shared hosting plan is usually the most suitable option.

Dedicated Hosting

This is where you get the whole server to yourself. The hosting service provider leases an entire server to the client. This allows organisations to have greater control and security than with a shared server. This is only really used by larger businesses who need that level of control and can afford the higher fees associated with that package.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting

With VPS, you share a server with other clients, but the individual sites are more isolated from each other to give clients increased reliability and security features. It is a cheaper option than the full dedicated server, but still a lot more expensive than shared hosting.

How to Host a Website - What Do I Need To Consider?

Bandwidth & Disk Space

This is not really an issue, as many companies offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You may find that there are some restrictions on the "unlimited" part of the deal, but for most applications you will have more bandwidth and disk space than you will ever need.

Uptime Guarantee

You will want your site to be online 24/7 so you need to ensure that your hosting provider has a good uptime guarantee. Many quote an uptime of 99.9%, which is more than adequate, although you might want to check by searching for some reviews on the hosting provider.

Customer Support

Because websites are a 24/7 business, then you want to ensure that you get 24/7 support.

Email Accounts

Again, many companies offer unlimited email accounts, so if you think that you will need numerous email accounts, then check to see if there are a sufficient number included in your chosen package.

Server Type

If you intend to run a Microsoft SQL server database or use Microsoft Active Server pages then you will need a Windows 2000 server, but for the average small website, then any type of server will do the job just fine. Check with the supplier beforehand if you are unsure.

Extra Features

There are also a lot of additional features that are included with hosting packages such as My SQL Databases, ASP, PHP, Unlimited Domains, SSL Certificate, Unlimited Autoresponders etc. If you are new to all of this and you have just decided to create your own website for the first time, then I would not be too concerned with these additional features. Your site will run fine without being concerned about these extras, and when you get more experienced and may decide on expanding your online presence, then you can look into what these mean and how they might be of benefit to you.